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  • 146 Hario Radio Tower no.1, no.2, no.3 and Transmission Building

    • The Special Maintenance Section of the Japanese Navy (Kenzaburo MAJIMA + Noburu YOSHIDA)
    • The Special Maintenance Section of the Japanese Navy
    • The Maintenance Section of Japanese Navy had played important role to construct a series of facilities like administration office, factory, dog of ship, stores and other engineering buildings in order to defend the country since the end of 19th century in Japan. Hario Radio Transmission Tower stands on the bay area entrance to Sasebo port, one of important naval ports, west edge of Kyusyu Island corresponding to China and other Asian region, was designed and constructed by the naval engineers, Kenzaburo Majima who contributed to introduce the engineering of reinforce concrete and Noburu Yoshida who supervised the construction site. Three towers were located in a 300 meter circular, chimney shape of 135 meter high, basement diameter 12 meter, probably the most gigantic construction of reinforced concrete in the world at that time.
    • 1922年
    • nagasaki