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  • 042 Dr. MORI House

    • Kiyoshi SEIKE
    • Ichiro YOSHINAGA
    • In Bunkyo, a choice residential quarter for the culturally inclined, stands a small house for Dr. Mori, a son of a famous Japanese novelist, Ogai Mori. Kiyoshi Seike designed a single story house in wood in 1951. Along with Saito House (1952) and his own house (1954), they make up as the major representative set of his early residential works. He was unconcerned with the zealous arguments, at the time, on the pros and cons of having the traditional elements, for his interest laid on how to utilize the traditional elements with all the intrinsic mystique pertained to, in a newly re-interpreted posture; i.e., Seike was finding a way to use such items as tatami mats and shoji screens in a modern design inspired and inferred from the simple yet complex potential of the spatial realm provided in the traditional disposition of Japanese house design, as the spaces were subdivided or combined through the operable wall partitions. Thanks to the owner’s continuous care and love, the house still retains most of the original look today.
    • 1951年
    • tokyo