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  • 010 The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura Main Building and New Building

    • Junzo SAKAKURA
    • Main Building Mabuchi Construction Co., New Building Maeda Construction Co.
    • In the compound of historic Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine, on a tranquil site facing the Heike Pond in the ancient city of Kamakura, stands a small but stylish museum. It is the first dedicated modern art museum in Japan. The design was chosen through an invitational competition held in 1950, and Junzo Sakakura, who apprenticed under Le Corbusier from 1931 to ‘36 in Paris, won the first place. The parti features a courtyard design in a square donut plan with pilotis. The composition in the form of a white box made of asbestos boards and aluminum clips containing exhibition gallery spaces on the 2nd level is elevated from the ground level by a grid of slender steel columns and Oya, or Japanese tufa, stone walls. While utilizing modern, industrially manufactured materials, he skillfully combined the modern, Corbusien architectural concepts with the hints of traditional Japanese architectural concepts found in such places as Villa Katsura, to create a museum structure that is as comfortable as it is complimenting with nature in the surrounding environment. Although there were several renovations and the addition of an annex designed by Sakakura in 1966, today the museum continues to maintain the spirit of its original form.
    • 1951年(本館) 1966年(新館)
    • kanagawa