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  • 036 Hyuga Villa (Detached) Extension (Currently/ Owner of Atami City )

    • Bruno TAUT
    • Self-Build
    • In the vicinity of the Atami Station, on a cliff edge site stands a villa extension for Rihei Hyuga, a noted businessman. This house, designed by Bruno Taut, was built in 1936, and is the only remaining structure from his stay in Japan as a visitor-in-exile from the Nazi Germany. The Japanese style, two story wooden main villa in front was already finished with a concrete platform jutted on the steeply dropping ocean side terrain for a terrace-deck use. The extension, built under this platform in a narrow space, consists of 3 rooms, a play room embellished with a plenty of various bamboo materials, a western style gallery space with the stairs, built as part of the room furniture running the full length of the room for better ocean views, and a Japanese room. Taut gave a meticulous care on the every detail, and in turn, the Japanese carpenters built it with precision craftsmanship. Indeed it became a unique and rare architecture, as Taut, by happily endorsing the client’s curious request for a summer villa extension to be part modern, and part Japanese, superbly created something original yet Japanese with a new interpretation in an attunement of the two.
    • 1936年
    • shizuoka