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  • 014 Hiroshima Peace Center

    • Kenzo TANGE
    • Obayashi Corporation
    • On August 6, 1945, over 200,000, mostly civilian people had been annihilated in Hiroshima by an atomic bomb dropped for the first time in human history. Through a competition, this structure was erected to remember the horror and the victims, and as a symbol that would, in perpetuity, deliver a message of hope and peace. Kenzo Tange won the project with a simple rectangular structure on pilotis a la Corbusian style. Its urban design sets the building on a large piazza to form an axial connection with the Memorial Monument and the famous half torn and melted building, registered as a UNESCO’s World Heritage, the Gembaku or Atomic Dome. This is one of the earliest Japanese architecture to receive an international acclaim after the WWII, and it also marked the starting point for Tange ‘s architectural career.
    • 1955年
    • hiroshima