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DOCOMOMO International:DOCOMOMO International is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 by Hubert-Jam Henket and Wessel de Jonge in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in recognition of the significant cultural contribution made by choice works of modern architecture. Yet many of these works are in alarmingly precarious states of maintenance. Thus DOCOMOMO International initiated an on-going worldwide movement to list and document these outstanding examples of modern architecture in order to help preserve and to pass the heritage of these works to future generations.

DOCOMOMO International has established itself as a significant player in architectural conservation as well as in various aspects of broader architectural culture.

DOCOMOMO International is also uniquely qualified in advancing its mission due to its multi-faceted, pluralistic and interdisciplinary character of its mandate including its membership make-up that covers not only architects and scholars but also conservationists, teachers, students and public officials. DOCOMOMO International currently maintains 53 national and regional chapters worldwide and more than 2300 members. While the original headquarters in the Netherlands were moved to Paris, France in 2002, starting in January 2010, with the new chair, Ana Tostões, DOCOMOMO International secretariat’s new headquarters are housed at the Fundació Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona, Spain.


DOCOMOMO Japan:DOCOMOMO Japan is a non-profit organization that began its activity in 1997, and in 2000, it became an official national chapter of DOCOMOMO International.

DOCOMOMO Japan is a fully active chapter that hosted major exhibitions presenting its Selection 20 in 2000 and Selection 100 in 2005 with the publication of corresponding catalogs respectively.

The Selection number has grown to 145 presently, and during 2010, five more are expected to be chosen to make the whole list at 150. In addition to our campaign to list/document and help preserve buildings in danger of demolition, DOCOMOMO Japan has been hosting topical architectural tours, field trips, site studies, seminars and symposiums on various critical issues and/or buildings in concern. DOCOMOMO Japan recognizes the notion of general as well as specific character of modern architecture in Japan as reflecting somewhat unique Japanese context in turn may have affected outwardly some interesting development.

We also enjoy the regional exchange with DOCOMOMO Korea as well as with our partners in Taiwan and other locations. We are determined to pursue, in accordance with the dictum set by DOCOMOMO International, our unwavering mission to unveil and provide those rewarding architectural cultural discoveries that belong to the legacy of modern architecture in Japan. DOCOMOMO Japan is chaired by Hiroyuki Suzuki and presently maintains over 300 members. For those who are interested,

please refer more at : www.docomomojapan.com

or contact us at: office@docomomojapan.com