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  • 140 Naruto Civic Hall and City Hall

    • Tomoya MASUDA + Kyoto University
    • Kajima Corporation (City Hall) Shimizu Corporation (Civic Hall)
    • Naruto Civic Hall and City Hall are located in the Tokushima of the east edge of Shikoku Island. Tomoya Masuda and Kyoto University Laboratory had designed twenty buildings in the city for decades to realize civic facilities at the sites of disused saltern industry. Two buildings are the point of departure, connected each other by pedestrian deck, composing open urban space for public. The goal of this town design in Naruto City had not completed on the half way, but he had continued to design his idea for the several buildings in the campus of Kyoto University
    • 1961年 市庁舎1963年
    • tokushima