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  • 111 Gymnasium and the Control Tower, Metropolitan Komazawa Olympic Park

    • Yoshinobu ASHIHARA/ASHIHARA Architects Associates
    • Kajima Corporation
    • These are the buildings which were designed by Yoshinobu Ashihara for the Tokyo Olympics who used his own theory on exterior space. When Ashihara visited Italy for architectural tour on his way home from the United States in 1950s, he studied the unity in townscape of Italy and elements that consist of exterior space such as internal and external corners. Later he published a book titled “Exterior Space in Architecture” based on his experience in Italy. Using the theory on external space which was developed and elaborated in this book, he was successful in achieving the characteristic space as gymnasium such as HP shell structure. The design of the Control Tower reminds viewers of a pagoda of traditional temples and shrines, while showing some consideration for how it should be looked at.

    • 1964年(体育館改修 1993年)
    • tokyo