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    • Junzo SAKAKURA, Sakakura Associates
    • Owada Komuten
    • It is the first building that Sakakura designed after returning from France, who was awarded the grand prix prize in architecture for his design of the Japanese pavilion at Paris Expo in 1937. Although the size of the building was limited to 30 tsubo (approximately 99m2) under the wartime restrictions, several elements such as clear floor plan, skipped floor in response to the gradient of the site, the big glass door in the living room that connect inside and outside are housed under the big gabled roof in a simple manner. In 2007, this house was disassembled. However, thanks to the efforts of those who wished to preserve the building, it was relocated to Oiwake, Karuizawa in the same year, and converted into a French restaurant.
    • 1942年
    • nagano