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  • 060 Kasui-en, The Miyako Hotel (Currently/ Kasuien, The Westin Miyako Kyoto)

    • Togo MURANO
    • Obayashi Corporation
    • On a knoll that leads to the eastern hills of Higashi-yama in Kyoto, stands an annex of the Miyako Hotel. Togo Murano designed this annex called Kasui-en, and it was built in 1936. The site plan of Kasui-en is laid out to encase a traditional Japanese garden with its guest rooms set along the cascading corridors that follow the leisurely slope of the site. The composition of Kasui-en features the extremely thin-set wood shingle roofs and the edge lines with the conspicuous convex curvature of the upper part of the guest rooms’ gable, the wider than normal setting of roof rafters’ spacing, the low eaves and floor-height details, the intricately overlapping roofs, and so forth, which collectively reveal Murano’s inclinations toward the use of unusual materials and unique conceptions in design.
    • 1959年
    • kyoto