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  • 025 Haku-shika-kan, Tatsu-uma Honke Brewing

    • Takenaka Corporation (Junichiro ISHIKAWA)
    • Takenaka-komuten
    • Along the port of Nishino-miya, Tatsu-uma Honke built a complex of sake brewing related facilities, including the docomomo selected bottling plant built in 1930, Haku-shika-kan, measuring at 24m x 64m with an uninterrupted, enormous interior space supported by a continuous barrel vaulted structure. The exterior elevations feature a modern look without any decorative elements except for the cornice-like horizontal bands that bind the walls and eaves. Altogether, the expression this building emits, on one hand, reflects the poised esprit de corps of a brewery undertaking modernization with new machines and equipment, and on the other, reveals the struggling state of architecture in transition, of modern movement still under the explicit influence of the expressionism. The architect of this building, Jun-ichiro Ishikawa, with his insight and new architectural vocabulary of modern architecture in Europe, became the vanguard of this new generation of architects.
    • 1930年
    • hyogo