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  • 003 Chochiku-kyo

    • Koji FUJII
    • Kinnosuke SYUTOKU
    • Koji Fujii was an architect and a professor in Kyoto University, who virtually started the fields of ecology, environmental design, analysis and science in Japan. He believed in fieldwork to actually test his theories scientifically. So he acquired a large amount of land of 33000m2 or 8.3 acres in the southwestern hilly suburbs of Kyoto; where he built 4 experimental houses successively to gather data as he lived there. Chochiku-kyo is the 4th and the last one he built. The objective was to manifest a new Japanese dwelling suitable for both a modern lifestyle and the Japanese climate, specifically the high precipitation, humidity and heat in the summer. Accordingly, the design featured sliding doors for the creation of a continuous spatial volume through individual rooms, and he devised a central ventilation system with the air vents below the floor, above the ceiling and the main air exhaust openings on the gable. With this house, Fujii boldly attempted to reinterpret tradition by way of perceiving through modern aesthetics, as he elegantly synthesized the Western and Japanese design particulars without fear of eclecticism.
    • 1928年
    • kyoto