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  • 013 Chichibu Cement Company Factory No.2

    • Yoshiro TANIGUCHI + Nikken Sekkei
    • Ando-gumi, Shimizu Corporation, Taisei Corporation
    • As part of the national drive to rebuild the cement industry in the 1950’s, Chichibu Cement, an industrial leader, built a new factory implementing the technical advances and utilizing the specialized equipment of the Smith Company of Denmark, then considered to have the latest technology in cement manufacturing. The architect-in-charge, Yoshiro Taniguchi, attempted to bestow the complex with a disciplined architectonic presence while providing a clean, cheerful, beautiful and productive factory environment. The factory complex consists of the low-rise vaulted structures and the tall smokestacks with a unique oval plan-form. The impression of the capacious low-rise buildings was overwhelming; however, he countered it by designing a composition of slick and airily curtain-walls made with slate panels in steel frames placed between the rhythmically disposed pilasters. The complex displays amply, a virtuous and elegant design drawn from the principles of modern architecture so characteristic in the works of Taniguchi.
    • 1956年(第1期) 1958年(第2期)
    • saitama