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  • 074 Kobe Port Tower

    • Nikken Sekkei
    • Obayashi Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Steel)
    • On the middle pier of the Port of Kobe, stands a 108m tall tower in steel construction. The tower was built in 1963 to be a new landmark for Kobe with a striving international port. The tower is open to the public for the magnificent panoramic view from the top, viewing platform. Nikken Sekkei was responsible for the design of the tower, which is constructed with the circular steel tubes combined in the form of an elongated drum with a stylish hyperbolic curve silhouette. To maximize the beautiful curved profile of the tower, the connecting parts were subdued, and the red and white horizontal border painting required under the aviation regulations was specially omitted, likewise, the glass surfaces of the viewing platform were tucked inside of the steel structural members so as not to be too obtrusive. In designing the tower, Nikken Sekkei concentrated, not on the mere height, but on the aesthetics of the form itself, and created a tower that is as unique as beautiful among more conventionally designed towers with solid, rectilinear sectioned, steel construction like the Tokyo Tower.
    • 1963年
    • hyogo