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  • 012 Kanagawa Prefectural Library and Music Hall

    • Kunio MAYEKAWA
    • Taisei Corporation
    • On a trapezoidal site in a hill that overlooks the Port of Yokohama, stands a public cultural complex made up with a library and a music hall. Through the process of an invitational competition, the design commission was given to the first place winner, Kunio Mayekawa, a renowned architect who apprenticed under Le Corbusier from 1928 to ’30 in Paris. Mayekawa utilized a parti that featured the two structures to be slid fore-and-aft with a connecting concourse, to create an inviting piazza space in front for the music hall and a serene garden space in back for the library reading rooms. He also placed the load-bearing earthquake resistant walls to be positioned internally so that the perimeter walls were liberated structurally to create bright and cheerful interior spaces with expansive glass curtain walls, white lightweight concrete panels and perforated brick-blocks. He designed the complex with Corbusien details and expressed structural elements. The complex continues to be used today, and the quality of acoustics in the wood veneer finished music hall is highly regarded among performing musicians and artists.
    • 1954, 1962, 1965
    • kanagawa