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  • 051 ISHIZU House

    • Kiyoshi IKEBE
    • Shiraishi Construction Co.
    • In the later 1950's, as the Japanese society started to regenerate, people’s lifestyles started to change as well, in aspiration of the attainment of modern living. It was then, that a popular magazine, “Modern Living”, made a case study of a new dream house for the emerging middle class families in collaboration with Kiyoshi Ikebe, a noted architect. The house has an ”L” shaped parti with a small garden, resembling a row house style on a narrow rectangular site along the north-south axis. The simply composed house offers a variety of spaces within in a 3-level split floor arrangement; the middle level with a main semi-double story public space, the lower level with a kitchen, a bathroom and children’s bedrooms, and the upper level with a master bedroom and a rooftop deck space. As the concept cited was an adaptable house that would accommodate the changing family needs, it was later renovated and added on by another architect, Mayumi Miyawaki. This house, still in use after more than 45 years, registers as an attempt to prescribe a house for modern living in a reasonably budgeted construction on a relatively small urban site.
    • 1957年
    • tokyo