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  • 084 House in White

    • Kazuo SHINOHARA、Hiroki SHIROSAWA, Yoshihisa SAWADA
    • Fujita-gumi
    • Standing in a residential section in the northwestern Tokyo, is a house, adorned in white, in a two-story wooden construction. The house was built in 1966, and architect Kazuo Shinohara designed it on a simple square plan with an organizing control line placed deliberately off-center but orthogonal to the square, with a pyramidal hip roof as a unifying device. Like the outside, the ceilings and walls are finished in white throughout, thus underscoring the non-white items such as the free standing columns, the frames of the windows and the delicate grills on the translucent shoji-screens. In this house, even though Shinohara designed it thematically to be rapt with the Japanese context, in lieu of taking the traditional or familiar conception, he adopted his own modern interpretation, which prompted establishing a physically stoic, yet, richly suggestive spatial composition. Indeed, he presented a possibility of transcending the merely “functional” and/or “Japanese contextual” bind by proposing an entirely different, alternate method.
    • 1966年(移築 2008年)
    • tokyo