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  • 048 Kumamoto Teishin Hospital (Currently/ NTT West Kyushu General Hospital)

    • Mamoru YAMADA
    • Toda Corporation
    • Mamoru Yamada designed this hospital as he left the Ministry of Communications after the World War II. While he had done a numerous hospital buildings in his career, most of his hospital works have been torn down or drastically renovated today because of increasingly complex hospital requirements. This building is among few of his surviving hospital works. Even during his tenure of the Ministry, in contrast to Yoshida’s characteristic crisp straight lines, Yamada was known for his fluid, curved lines. Accordingly, he strategically incorporated some curved lines and surfaces in this project as well, providing the building with a desired spatial sense of soothing softness that inspires a uniquely original quality that belongs to Yamada.
    • 1956年
    • kumamoto