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  • 049 Ura House

    • Takamasa YOSIZAKA
    • Yokota Construction Co.
    • In a quiet residential district along Shuku River in Nishino-miya, stands a house for Taro Ura, a mathematician. The house offers a tandem volumes raised by reinforced concrete columns so that the ground level pilotis are open to the townscape as a mediating space. It is organized in a tripartite design with one volume apportioned for gathering spaces containing living, dining, kitchen etc., the other volume reserved for more private bedrooms and service functions, and the zone connecting the two volumes as the entry foyer. This house represents a major early work of Takamasa Yoshizaka, exhibiting his clear-cut design learned as an intern with Le Corbusier in the post WWII period.
    • 1956年
    • hyogo