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  • 143 Atelier Building, Musashino Art University (No.4 Building)

    • Yoshinobu ASHIHARA
    • Taisei Corporation
    • In the suburb of Tokyo, remaining woods and hill of Musashino area, stands a university for fine arts and graphic design. Architect Yoshinobu Ashihara who was a professor of architectural design for this university, planned whole campus layout, in which he designed a small but well designed atelier building for painting and sculpture by grilled composition, rising up first floor level of reinforced concrete wall, girder and pilotis in the center of the campus. It can realize to transformation of approaching space from the central plaza, through the pilotis of low scale space, going up the spiral stair, to courtyard on the first floor adjacent to the each atelier.
    • 1964〜
    • tokyo