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  • 148 House with no-front (H house)

    • Demolished
    • Junzo Sakakura Architects Associates (Fumitaka NISHIZAWA)
    • Aoyama Komuten
    • Since the middle of 1950s, many architects tried to design and plan individual houses in the city dense area, while public housing organization had continued to build housing estate to tackle huge dwelling shortage after WWII. Fumitaka Nishizawa, one of associate architects in the Osaka Branch of Sakakura Architects Associates, had designed a series of detached houses in the Nishinomiya, Kansai district as courtyard house to defend surrounding chaotic context. The method of courtyard house had developed to realize integrated interior and exterior space by grilled pergola or architectural walling by modular system.
    • 1962年
    • hyogo