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  • 026 Morigo Company Tokyo Branch (Currently/ Kinsan Building)

    • Togo MURANO
    • Takenaka-komuten
    • Located in Nihombashi, is a 7 story modern building completed in 1931. It is a debut work of Togo Murano and the first project he undertook after he left the office of Setsu Watanabe in 1929. The rectangular shape windows are well proportioned and placed on the facade in an orderly manner. The windows are set deliberately flush with the wall surface so that the flat facade may highlight by contrast such exquisite details as the softly rounded building corners, the delicately elaborate design on the tip of eaves, etc. It seems almost that he was approaching and employing the methodology of modern architecture while simultaneously vacillating and distancing from it. Although the 8th floor was added on in 1960, the building is well maintained today with most of the original intricate details intact, including the exquisite glass mosaic of the entrance foyer ceiling and.
    • 1931年
    • tokyo