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  • 115 Sakuradai Court Village

    • Shozo UCHII
    • Tokyu Construction Co.
    • Believing that a house was the mother of all architecture even during the period where most of the Japanese people enjoyed the buoyant economy spurred by the Japan World Expo from 1960s to 1970s, Shozo Uchii, architect, was seeking for how the urban residence should be by studying the problems inherent in mass housing. Although the site for this residential development was challenging with average 24 degrees gradient and its elongated shape, Uchii managed to fit 40 residential units in this site, achieving the similar space configuration to detached houses with yards. Uchii is well known for his attempt to pursue the “establishment of individual and holistic harmony” in architectural way by his works from individual buildings to the urban design projects by master planning. His message to the society can be read spatially through this residential complex.
    • 1970年
    • kanagawa