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  • 139 Matsuida-machi Municipal Hall (Annaka City Matsuida-machi Culutural Archives)

    • Seiichi SHIRAI
    • Kajima Corporation
    • Located on a hilly land developing by silkworm, cotton industry in Gunma, is the Matsuida Town Hall designed by Shirai, who declared a Japanese traditional aesthetic,Jomon, while the another idea, Yayoi by Kenzo Tange, among the debates of Dento-Ronso (Debate of Tradition) in the 1950’s in Japan. Through the debates, Shirai tried to find the unique design by investigating dark and folklore cultural aspects to realize architectural space. Especially, the façade of this building is composed of quarry stone to sustain the curved balcony, was named “ Pantheon on the Field”.
    • 1956年
    • gunma