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  • 116 Printing Factory and Office Building

    • Kenkichi NISHITANI + Kiichi YAMAMOTO
    • Shimafuji, Mitsui Bussan, Tomoe-kumi Tekkosho
    • Suitable for a national textbook printing plant, the complex of integrated buildings domestic technologies are built in Northern East Tokyo where groups of Industrial buildings have been built since 1920s ,the early mature Showa era. The factory has been well kept in conditions since the completion time despite the harsh environment; a large column-free space by “Diamond Truss”, a patent by Tomoe group had improved from a steel structural large roof of Junkers Co. Germany in the beginning. The second floor of the office building was renovated later. However they have been still giving Art Deco Design by exterior of scratch tiles until today with Tousho-Bunko adjacent to it.
    • 1936年
    • tokyo