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  • 005 Tokyo Central Post Office

    • Ministry of Communications Building and Repairs Section (Tetsuro YOSHIDA)
    • Zenitaka-gumi, Okura-Doboku
    • On a trapezoidal site across form Tokyo Station, stands the Tokyo Central Post Office building. It is considered, by many including Bruno Taut, to be the first genuine modernism inspired architecture in Japan. Tetsuro Yoshida, a principal architect in the Building and Repairs Section of the Ministry of Communications designed the building, and it was completed in 1931. Yoshida and the Ministry paved the way for an endorsement of architecture based on the principles of the modern movement in Japan. A unique facade with a bend in the middle caused by the site form contributed to its compelling presence. As the formidable pilasters rise in array across the facade, it projects a noble lucidity that is altogether modern, yet almost classical in milieu without any use of classical orders. The disciplined facade is augmented by a simple and rhythmical fenestration design with a sense of vertical accentuation upwardly while the introduction of a pronounced cornice-like band between the 4th and the 5th floors gives a countering horizontal emphasis.
    • 1931年
    • tokyo