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  • 090 Tetsu KATONO House

    • Tetsu KATONO
    • Mikami Construction Co.
    • Testu Katono, thought of as among the leading architects of Hokkaido, built his own house in 1968, on a large site, as fitting with the wide and open nature of Hokkaido. This is a contextual house that reflects Katono’s sentiment as seen in his remark, “I adore the sense of changing seasons one feels as the scene of steel and bricks set in green is transformed into that of steel and bricks set in white snow”. The house, consisting of a single story part and a two-story annex addition, is designed with the noticeable, lightly rusted heavy-weight “H” shaped (US Steels’s Corten, equiv.) weather resistant steel frame construction and the rugged look of unglazed brick walls, and fits in surprisingly well with the pleasant ambience of Hokkaido as they age through the harsh local climate.
    • 1968年
    • hokkaido