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  • 053 Asahikawa City Hall

    • Takeo SATO
    • Toda-gumi
    • Asahikawa City hall is located in the central part of Hokkaido, known for its harsh winter climate. So, even in the winter gloom to affect the surroundings with a cheerful and warm spirit, Takeo Satow, designed the complex made of the exposed poured-in-place reinforced concrete structure and pre-cast concrete frame units with the inlays of locally produced red bricks, giving it an appearance of almost Scandinavian-like expression. Influenced by the Lever House in New York by SOM (1952), its discernable design is similarly comprised with a high-rise component accommodating the repetitive administrative offices, and with a set of low-rise components housing the more horizontally spread spaces for the legislative body as well as the interactive teller and window zones reserved for the citizens. He designed the simple yet sophisticated vertical surface details with the very flat elevations to avoid the accumulation of dust pollutants caused by the coal furnaces common in those days.
    • 1958年
    • hokkaido