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  • 057 The Japan Art Academy

    • Isoya YOSHIDA
    • Taisei Corporation
    • This building was built as a clubhouse for the Japan Art Academy members, as well as to serve as a formal ceremonial site in attendance with His Majesty the Emperor for the delivery of the Japan Art Academy Awards. Isoya Yoshida, in his pursuit of modernization of Japanese architecture, came to appreciate the mystique of expressly Japanesque connotations in the historical architecture from the Heian period (794~1192 AD). The singly story building, modelled after the ceremonial pavilion-like architecture of Shishin-den of the Heian architecture, was designed with the characteristically Heian details of a courtyard and an arcade with deeply set eaves. Despite the reinforced concrete construction, with its Heian-cum-modern architecture, it achieves a spatially decorous and graceful realm, and permeates a peculiarly Japanese aura that is timeless as it is unique.
    • 1958年
    • tokyo