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  • 043 Japan Pearl Center

    • Department of Building Construction, Hyogo Prefectural Government (Yoshimitsu MITSUYASU)
    • Takenaka Corporation
    • In a corner site, in the central district of Kobe set aside for a new business center after WWII, stands a modern structure for the Japan Pearl Association. Hyogo municipal government erected the building in 1952 to promote the pearl industry with facilities for the inspection and auction of pearls. Yoshimitsu Mitsuyasu, the architect in-charge, provided the varied fenestration system on the design of facades with an original composition in the mode of a certain modern art based on the grid of vertical and horizontal lines, in order to meet the required specific lighting conditions, according to the separate requirements in the pearl inspection, display, and auction as well as for the general office areas of the building. While the building still carries a trace of the stylistic genes from the early, pre-WWII modernism (such as the facade of MoMA in NY, 1939), Mitsuyasu succeeded in transforming it into the pop and scintillating design of the ‘50-ish Japanese modernism.
    • 1952年
    • hyogo