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  • 091 Shinjuku Station Westgate Plaza

    • Junzo SAKAKURA
    • Kajima Corporation
    • This urban redevelopment project for the Shinjuku Station’s west side was instigated to establish the entire area as an alternative center that would ultimately accommodate the new Tokyo City Hall Center and a whole set of skyscrapers and other buildings. Late in his career, Junzo Sakakura received this commission to design the terminal plaza, among the grandest urban design projects he ever undertook. So, Sakakura implemented the Corbusien ville radieuse inspired urban design, laying out an enormous on-grade and underground dual-plaza with sunlight and fountains, a bus terminal, underground parking, etc., to accommodate Shinjuku station’s increasing passenger volume. The ubiquitous underground plaza has become a landmark of architectural urban space today, but in the turbulent early 1970's, it stirred debate on the role that urban plazas play in society, as it was the favorite gathering place for “student movements” and the “folk (song)-guerrilla” jam sessions.
    • 1967年
    • tokyo