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  • 007 Keio-Gijiku Yochisha/ Primary School

    • Yoshiro TANIGUCHI + Sone Chujo Architectural Office
    • Ando-gumi
    • The administrators and educators of Keio-Gijuku Primary School, which was founded in 1874, had high ideals toward education, and placed an importance on a modern school environment with innovative systems and facilities. Yoshiro Taniguchi, the architect-in-charge, considered the health and well-being of pupils as the top criteria in designing this school. Consequently, he designed a 3-story school structure in reinforced concrete construction with setbacks on the second and the third floors to provide a terraced roof-deck space in front of each classroom for better natural lighting and ventilation. He also implemented a gentler radiator heating system with paneled heater units. As Taniguchi paid particular attention to ecological concerns and human ergonomics, the building became among the earliest modern architecture based on the concepts of environmental design in Japan. The simple and graceful composition of this school is not only a representative early work of Taniguchi with an imaginative primary school design backed up by thorough planning and research, but also qualifies as a major pre-WWII, modernist building in Japan.
    • 1937年
    • tokyo