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  • 023 YMAMURA Residence (Currently/ Yodoko Guest House)

    • Frank Lloyd WRIGHT
    • Mera-komuten
    • On a hillside in Ashiya, is the site for a house Frank Lloyd Wright designed concurrently while he stayed in Japan for the Imperial Hotel project during the early ‘20's. Tazae-mon Yamamura, a sake brewer in the famous Nada region, asked him to design a villa. When the design was finished Wright left Japan, so Arata Endo and Makoto Minami, his disciples, did the working drawings and the site supervision. It is the only non-Prairie house he designed in Japan. The promenade of the house begins at the bottom in an ascending sequence as it follows the slope, until finally one arrives at the dining space on the top. The terraced roof-decks offer a ravishing panoramic view of the surrounding nature. This house, indeed, reveals his mastery in enthralling spatial developments and impressive delineation of the intricate relationships between the outside and inside. In terms of exploiting what the steeply sloping site set in the spectacular nature could offer, arguably, the experience of designing this hillside house might have prepared him for the design of the Kaufmann House ( Falling Water) he was to do 12 years later.
    • 1924年 
    • hyogo