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  • 063 Ozaki Memorial Hall (Currently/ Parliamentary Museum)

    • Ichiro EBIHARA
    • Taisei Corporation
    • The Parliamentary Museum stands on a site along the Imperial Palace’s inner moat on a small but discernible tree covered mound. The complex was initially conceived as a memorial hall for Yukio Ozaki (1858-1954), a legendary Parliamentary politician who staunchly stood for the government under the rule of constitution/ law. The design for the complex was chosen through a competition held in 1958, and the proposal of Ichiro Ebihara won the first place award. The design features a central courtyard with a bronze statue of Yukio Ozaki placed in a pool of water with an arrangement of elements such as auditorium, conference hall, gallery space, library-archives and reception hall around the courtyard. As the distinct images of the roof folded in accordion pleats and the coffered ceiling with the grid of beams impress those who visit, the wide open modern design of the fenestration toward the park expresses metaphorically the ardent belief of Yukio Ozaki in the open, fair and liberal government under the rule of constitution. As such, this complex qualifies as a representative building of the modern movement in Japan.
    • 1960年
    • tokyo