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  • 089 Sagae City Hall

    • Kisho KUROKAWA
    • Takamatu-mokuzai, Sagae Construction Co.
    • In the city of Sagae, Yamagata, stands a city hall donned in the metabolism architecture. The metabolism architecture, as the first Japanese architectural concept to be acknowledged by the international architectural community, was born in the backdrop of the Japan’s sustained period of economic expansion in the ‘60's with its growing industrial-technological prowess. Thus, the metabolists, unlike skeptical later groups, perceived architecture with a distinctive optimism fueled by their captive trust of technology. Kisho Kurokawa, among the leading advocates of the metabolism belief, designed this city hall in 1967. A 5-story building in reinforced concrete is laid on a square plan with 4 massive reinforced concrete cores, which support the upper floors. The program is zoned vertically as the lower levels are assigned for larger public spaces as the 1st floor assembly hall and the 2nd floor civic hall, and the upper levels are for the repetitive offices. This building, with its conspicuous core super structures and its aggressive spatial hierarchy, presents itself as a major representative work to reflect the notion of metabolism architecture.
    • 1967年
    • yamagata