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  • 031 Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau Subway System

    • Design Section of the Special Railway Construction Department of the City of Osaka
    • Shimizu-gumi
    • Osaka is known for its rivers and canals that roughly divide the city into two halves, as the division encouraged a tandem growth of centers. On the northern half is Umeda with the Osaka Terminal Station and its downtown district, and on the southern half is Namba with a corresponding railroad station and shopping center. Wherein, by the 1920’s, there arose a need to better connect the two centers along the Mido-suji Boulevard. The underground subway system was combined with the Mido-suji widening project in 1925, and the construction of the Mido-suji subway line began in 1930. As the subway was dug deep underground to cross the rivers, it effectively made possible for the stations to be designed with large high-ceilinged barrel vaulted spaces.
    • 1933年:梅田〜心斎橋間 1935年:心斎橋〜難波間 (1933年淀屋橋駅、1934年心斎橋駅、1935年梅田駅。)
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