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  • 082 Oita Prefectural Oita Library (Currently/ Art Plaza Oita City)

    • Arata ISOZAKI
    • Goto Gumi
    • This library, designed by architect Arata Isozaki, represents one of his major early works. The three-story building, completed in 1966, is in reinforced concrete with the super structure, square tubes finished in exposed concrete. Isozaki challenged to cast an anti-parallel hypothesis against the metabolism architecture of possible hardware changes/ transformations according to the time passage and the shift in need; i.e., to maintain the original form and disposition. Thus, he responded by composing the super structure, square tubes to be abruptly cut off in mid air at the end without any ado. Although, the overall design of this building can only be identified as a composition with the metabolistic vocabulary, indeed, in denying any prospect for future changes, he expressed a powerful statement by ceasing the building in frozen stasis. In 1998, it was converted, under Isozaki’s supervision, to a multi-faceted cultural center, featuring art galleries. Today, the building illustrates the original concept by clearly emphasizing the spatial composition.
    • 1966年(改修 1998年)
    • oita