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  • 030 Daimaru Osaka Shinsai-bashi Store

    • William Merrell VORIES
    • Takenaka-komuten
    • Daimaru, in business since the Edo period, with its first retail store built in 1726, in Shinsai-bashi, Osaka, revolved through the ages, and, with the esprit nouveau of the time, it built on the very same site of its original store in 1922~25, a thoroughly modern department store in a 6-story reinforced concrete structure designed by William Merrell Vories. And in 1933, coinciding with the opening of a new boulevard, Mido-suji, and the start of a new subway line service, a 7-story west annex with a neo-gothic motif facade was built. Its design introduced a series of vivacious features as in the glass faced show windows along the sidewalk, modern lighting, an impressive series of Art Deco ornaments displaying the pictorial designs taken from Aesop’s Fables, etc.
    • 1933年
    • osaka