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  • 093 Sakaide Artificial Ground

    • Masato OTAKA
    • Konoike Construction Co.
    • Close to Sakaide Station in Kagawa, is the site for a large-scale municipal redevelopment project, featuring the replacement of densely clustered small old wooden houses with a modern metabolistic complex of City Hall, commercial facilities, collective housing/ apartments, park areas and parking lots. The project is known as the forerunner which introduce a Corbusien notion of urbanism into a pre-existing city quarters; i.e., the introduction of an artificial ground at 5.3m above the ground with the massive concrete column and beam structure system laid out on an approximately 9mx9m grid. The artificial groundplane subsidizes a modern milieu as it provides a newly reorganized urban condition for a safer and more comfortable environment for habitation.
    • 1968年
    • kagawa