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  • 006 TSUCHIURA House

    • Kameki TSUCHIURA
    • Akiyama-gumi
    • In Shinagawa, in Tokyo, stands a small yet remarkably modern house built in 1935. Kameki Tsuchiura, a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright, designed it as his own house. He utilized a dry-wall, wooden construction method to shorten construction time and hence, reduced the cost. His house, painted in pure white, boldly expressed a cheerful and optimistic belief. On the outside, it is a simple white cube with a large opening. The inside, however, offers a much richer milieu of spatial composition with a sequence of spaces. At each step, the space is at once expanded and liberated, then quickly compressed and contained, much in a Wrightian mode. He treated space as a malleable medium, and created a fluid spatial progression that was simply rewarding and delightful to experience. Likewise, his designs for the built-in furniture such as kitchen cabinets, as well as pipe-framed chairs in Marcel Breuer fashion show his belief in modernist intentions. Coupled with the dry-wall construction method and his irresistible display of the modernist persuasion, the architectural presence of his works has had a lasting and profound influence on the development of the modern movement in Japan.
    • 1935年
    • tokyo