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  • 047 The International House of Japan

    • Kunio MAYEKAWA, Junzo SAKAKURA, Junzo YOSHIMURA /Mitsubishi-jisyo-Sekkei
    • Shimizu Corporation
    • The Rockefeller Foundation et al. had provided a large endowment for the establishment of an international cultural exchange complex in Tori-i-zaka, the placid residential quarters only blocks behind the dazzling glimmer of Roppongi’s main streets, comprised of auditorium, seminar and conference rooms, banquet halls, and residential/ hotel facilities. The project became a uniquely rare interlude for it was designed jointly by three leading Japanese architects of the period, Junzo Sakakura, Kunio Mayekawa and Junzo Yoshimura. Constructed with poured-in-place thin-set reinforced concrete roofs, pre-cast concrete columns and beams, and Japanese tufa, Ohya-ishi, and combined with large wooden window sashes and shoji-screens; together, create the crisp and limpidly modern, yet implicitly Japanese spaces.
    • 1955年(改修増築 2006年)
    • tokyo