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  • 087 Kyoto International Conference Hall

    • Sachio OTANI
    • Taisei Corporation
    • On a vast site in northern Kyoto, stands a complex for international conferences. The Japanese government held an open design competition for the project in 1962-63. The first place was awarded to a group led by Sachio Otani. A series of trapezoidal structure made of horizontal beams and canted columns with the 22○ tilt was formulated, along with the recurrent derivative convergent details in the same form. He applied it, as a system of an all-unifying device, to the overall structure and all the way down to the detail design. While the spaces inside inspire futuristic images with a feeling of an endlessly expanding, three dimensional trapezoidal grid, on the outside, there is an evidence of a challenge to express the traditional Japanese context in modern architecture, as seen in the silhouette of the complex, which recalls the elusive images of the Japanese shrines, the thatched roofs of Gassho style houses and/ or the row of rice harvest hung. Isamu Kenmochi, a renowned industrial designer, was in charge of its comprehensive interior and furniture design.
    • 1966年
    • kyoto