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  • 046 Tosho Printing Co., Ltd. Hara-machi Factory

    • Kenzo TANGE
    • Taisei Corporation
    • On a site near Numazu, a major fishing port in Shizuoka, Kenzo Tange was commissioned to build a new printing factory. He designed the factory equipped, for the first time in Japan, with full color high-speed circumferential printing machines. To complete the building in just 6 months, after rationally sorting the off and on-site construction merits, he simplified the construction by utilizing pre-fabricated structural components, e.g., a central colonnade of 22 paired columns providing the vertical support, and the wing shaped roof trusses sustaining the large span horizontal support. The scheme was for the rapid construction of the structure while bestowing the liberated peripheral walls all around. In addition, to gain flexible factory space, he inventively designed it by adopting new ideas and methods; e.g., a new material dimensioning system, grid based plans, movable partitions, a new HVAC system, etc.
    • 1954年
    • shizuoka