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  • 038 HARA House (Currently/ Hara Museum of Contemporary Art)

    • Jin WATANABE
    • Shimizu-gumi
    • On a small hill in Shinagawa, in the historically important site area since the Edo period, formally know as Goten-yama, stands a mansion built in 1933, for Kunizo Hara, a businessman in the early 20th century. Jin Watanabe (1887-1973), known for his numerous major public works such as Tokyo National Museum, designed it in his prime. While he emphasized the elements of modernism, he layered the entire exterior walls with mosaic tiles in porcelain blue. The plan, too, denotes the not-so-simplistic exhibition of modernism by way of arranging a wing with a gentle circular curve. The mansion is now converted to Hara Museum of Contemporary Art.
    • 1938年
    • tokyo