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  • 077 Nanzan University

    • Antonin RAYMOND
    • Shimizu Corporation
    • Antonin Raymond, a Czech born architect, originally came to Japan with Frank Lloyd Wright as his assistant. The commission and design of a new campus plan with 8 buildings for the Catholic based, Nanzan University in Nagoya marks as large project as he undertook during the later phase of his career. The campus was spread over the rolling hills and was organized with a north-south axial, main campus street that traced along the pre-existed ridge road. The 8 new campus buildings were located in such a way by utilizing the various contours of the site, to maximize the advantage of sloping terrains and not to interfere with the natural surroundings. Accordingly, a large classroom building with theater style seats was placed on the slope with a similar angle. The standard building style adopted was the exposed, poured-in-place, reinforced concrete construction method, and louvers were applied on to all of the 8 buildings, giving a unifying feature. The initial project was completed in 1964, and in 2004, all the buildings were given a major earthquake resistant, structural reinforcement without altering the look of each structure.
    • 1964年
    • aichi