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  • 096 Chiba Prefectural Central Library

    • Masato OTAKA
    • Toda Corporation
    • On a gentle hill covered in the green foliage of Chiba, stands this groundbreaking library. In pursuit of establishing free, continuous and expansive library spaces, for the first time in Japan, its design adopted the pre-cast and pre-stressed reinforced concrete with the cross-shaped section to constitute the entire structural members. This method of combining both the prefabricated structural system and modular based compositional system at the same time in design validated his creative experimentation. Therefore, through the off-site prefabrication of specific concrete, he sought the full architectonic potential of concrete as an expressive element, and thus, forming a basis for accomplishing the desired architectural design, as it is confirmed in some of his significant later works.
    • 千葉県文化会館・聖賢堂1967, 千葉県立図書館 1968
    • Chiba