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  • 102 Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere,Akkeshi Marine Biology Laboratory Center, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University (formerly Hokkaido Imperial University)

    • Hokkaido Imperial University’s Building and Repairs Section (Junsei HAGIWARA and Koki OKADA)
    • Ginjiro TANAKA
    • The Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere was build in 1931 by the Hokkaido Imperial University (presently, Hokkaido University) as a filed science center for biological research on marine animals and plants. Its site on the promontory in the Akkeshi Bay is situated on the Pacific Ocean coast in the northeastern Hokkaido. Set on the waterfront site with a steep hill behind, it is designed to be viewed primarily from the sea. The design motif is believed to be inspired from the images of Dutch modern marine buildings in Rotterdam on the French architectural magazine L’Architecture Vivante (1927). The complex is comprised of the northern cylindrical section housing the aquariums, specimen and taxonomic sampling rooms, the southern rectangular section housing the laboratories and the central tower. While the simple and modern exterior with few decorations is finished in cement mortar in lightly tanned yellow-white color, the interior displays the Art Deco influence seen in the details such as the terracotta arches at the entrance porch and the handrails of the stairs, etc.
    • 1931年
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