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  • 076 Administration building of the Great Shrine of Izumo

    • Demolished
    • Kiyonori KIKUTAKE
    • Taisei Corporation
    • Izumo is located along the Sea of Japan coast, in Shimane, and is comparable to Ise (in Mie) as an ancient and sacred site in Japan in terms of its historic background as well as being the guardian of the Japanese classic shrine architecture. The administrative building selected, “Cho-no-Ya” is located inside the sacred compound of the Great Shrine of Izumo. Historically, the structures of the Izumo have always been constructed with the latest and highest technology available to each succeeding generation. Kiyonori Kikutake, the architect in-charge, followed the tradition by implementing a new modern technology to utilize the pre-stressed pre-cast concrete super beams. He boldly used a pair of super beams as the elocutionary element, to span 50m to create an expansive, 10m by 45m, space inside without any interrupting columns. The tilted and perforated broad surfaces of the long walls on both sides of the super beams are designed, metaphorically, to symbolize the scene of cropped rice being dried, recalling the benign memory of a typical Japanese pastoral scenery.
    • 1963年
    • shimane