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  • 097 Saga Prefectural Museum Archives

    • Daiichi-Kobo Associates and Yositika UTIDA, Architect
    • JV Matsuo and Sumitomo Construction Co.
    • Standing on a site in a park where once the Saga Castle San-no-Maru stood is a museum archives for the local arts, crafts, archeology, and history of the greater Saga region. The structure was built in 1969 as part of the project for the 100th year anniversary of the Meiji Restoration. The building was designed in collaboration by architect Yositika UTIDA, and a structural engineer in Daiichi Kobo. While the insertion of an aggressive cross-shaped (in plan), poured-in-place concrete structure provides the main circulation apparatus, the series of pre-gridded, pre-cast concrete structural panels are used to enclose the internal space covered by the steel frame roof truss system. The spaces are organized in such a way, so that the ground level may provide an open and independent access to-and-fro to each of the exhibition rooms while accommodating people to traverse through the building freely. Consequently, the setup gives an entirely informal and altogether more welcoming guise to the building that fits well with the strolling people in the park.
    • 1969年
    • saga