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  • 099 Hillside Terrace (Housing) Complex

    • Fumihiko MAKI
    • Takenaka Corporation
    • In Daikan-yama, a stylish area with the cool Shibuya and the modish Ebisu nearby, on a long site along the fashionable street, the Old Yamate Avenue, stands a unique urban complex comprised of the main residential components, along with the affiliated commercial tenant components. An unusual development process for Japan was adopted as it was developed through a several phases over a long period of time, under the continuous supervision and design control by architect Fumihiko Maki. Hence, the complex gained a unified presence on the street as the newly embraced identity of Daikan-yama. As the time Maki started the project in the late ‘60's so coincided with the period of change in the modern movement in architecture, he eagerly put foreword a series of new urban design ideas and concepts on how architecture may address urbanity; i.e., the notion of urban facade, the concept of urban spaces as room(s) in the city, and so forth, by demonstrating how his thesis on the possibility of connections, relations, and synergy between architecture and urban design (in a city) may be realized, through the various stages of engagements of the two.
    • 1969〜
    • tokyo